Monastery of Virgin Mary (Meryem Ana Manastırı) in the Anıtlı village near Midyat

Monastery of Virgin Mary (Meryem Ana Manastırı) with beautiful church is located 30 km east of Midyat in the Anıtlı village. Old name of this village is Hah which comes from the Aramaic language. Even at the present time Anıtlı is Christian village populated mostly by Assyrians.

Zinciriye (Sultan İsa) Madrasa in the historical part of Mardin

Zinciriye Madrasa (Turkish Zinciriye Medresesi) also known as Sultan Isa Madrasa is one of the most beautiful historical sights in the old part of Mardin. It was build in 1385 Melik Necmeddin Isa bin Muzaffer Davud bin El Melik Salih. He was last Sultan from the Artuqid dynasty ruling in Mardin. The basic principles of the original Mardin architectural style were formed in the time of the Artuqids.

Deyrulzafaran (Mor Hananyo) Assyrian Monastery in Tur Abdin, Mardin

Deyrulzafaran Monastery is one of the most significant centers of the Assyrian Church besides its magnificent architecture. It is situated in about 5 km from the old part of Mardin in Tur Abdin plateau located in the southeast of Turkey. According to chronicles, the monastery was founded in the 5th century AD, when the first church was built there.

Mor Behnam (Kırklar Kilisesi): old Syriac church in the historical part of Mardin

Mor Behnam (Kırklar Kilisesi) church is one of the most significant historical sites in the old part of Mardin. It is located the Şar Neighbourhood of the city centre where nowadays many Christians are still living. This church was constructed in 569 and consecrated in honor of Syriac Saint Behnam and his sister Saro.

Van Otlu Peynir: special herbed cheese type from the area of Lake Van

Van Otlu Peynir (Van herbed cheese) is a special type of cheese originating from the Lake of Van area. It is made from sheep’s milk with addition of herbs. About 25 different weeds can be used for production of this cheese. The main ones are: sirmo, mendi, heliz, wild mint and thyme.

Assyrian Orthodox Monastery of Mor Gabriel

The Monastery of Mor Gabriel (Saint Gabriel) is one of the oldest Christian monasteries in the world. It was founded in 397 by two monks Mor Shmuel and his apprentice Mor Shemun on the Tur Abdin plateau near ancient town of Midyat. According to legend Shemun saw an Angel in a dream and this Angel said him to build a church in a place marked with three big stones.

Secret cafes in the old part of Mardin which is not easy to find

There are a lot of very interesting but hidden places in the old part of Mardin which the guests of it can not even imagine. For example you can see many beautiful photos of this city in the Internet and in the tourist guide books. But even for locals sometimes it’s hard to find correct viewpoint to make similar camera shots.