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“Offbeat travel blog” is about not famous and ussualy non-tourist places all around the world. But now the major part of it is special project “Offbeat Turkey”. I have a lot of materials about another countries but need a time to post them.

“Offbeat Turkey” project is dedicated to the life of modern Turkey, how and what this country lives in our time. Although Turkey is one of the most visited by tourists countries in the world, a significant part of it’s life remains behind the scenes.

This project related to history, society, culture, interesting sights, usual life, kitchen but not focused on politics. Also this blog is not mass media and doesn’t claim this status.

The main objective of “Offbeat Turkey” is to show that this country lives its own bright, diverse. sometimes uneasy but very interesting life.


Murat (Erzurum): you gave me an idea to make this blog. Kübra I. (Van, outdoorplus.blog): I think without you this idea would have remained just an idea. It may be said you were my muse for the first time. Ezgi (Izmir): you showed me my mistakes and help me to make my blog better.

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