Assyrian wines from Mardin and Midyat: Middle East winemaking traditions

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Winemaking in the Upper Mesopotamia enjoys a very long history and the roots of it go back several millennia. According to legend the first vineyards were grown there by Noah soon after the end of the Great Flood. Now one of his alleged tombs is located in the town of Cizre, which belongs to this area.

Already at the time of the Assyrian Empire wines from Midyat and other settlements of Tur Abdin Plateau were known far outside this region. It is suggested by the clay tablets that were found during excavation of the ancient Mesopotamian cities. Local winegrowers bred their own original grape varieties like Boğazker and Rumi.

The spread of Islam in the Upper Mesopotamia seriously damaged winemaking due to ban on alcohol. But Middle East christians like Assyrians from Mardin and Midyat have kept the traditions of local winemaking alive up to now. So if you come to this cities you should try original local Assyrian wines which is hard to find even in other regions of Turkey.

Grape varieties from the region of Mardin

White grapes

  • Dökülgen
  • Kabarcık
  • Rumi

Red grapes

  • Horoz Karası
  • Öküzgözü (originated from Elazığ province)
  • Boğazkere (originated from Diyarbakır Province)
  • Sergi Karası


Wine from the local grape varieties from the Upper Mesopotamia has its unique features that aficionados of this drink should appreciate. For example red wine made from Boğazkere has characteristics like dark red color with small dark blue hue, strong and rich aromas of spices and dried fruits, strong body and very enjoyable long finish.

Assyrian wines


Alcohol in Turkey is not very cheap comparing with the most of European countries. The price for one bottle 750 ml starts from 30 tl (about 6 euro). The cost of home and factory made wine is about the same. VAT 18% is usually included in the price.

Assyrian wine price list from Midyat
Price list for Assyrian home-made wines from Midyat

Assyrian wine shops


Süryani Şarapçılık

Süryani Şarapçılık

Address: 1. Cadde Cumhuriyet Meydanı Halk Bank yanı No:409d Mardin, 47100

Opening hours: 09:00 AM – 09:00 PM

Facebook page: unoffisial

Ninova Süryani Ev Şarapları

Ninova Süryani Ev Şarapları

Address: Birinci Cadde Mardin (Birinci Cadde), Mardin

Opening hours: 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM


Babil Süryani Şarap Evi

Babil Süryani Şarap Evi

Address: Kocamanoğlu Cad. Kuyumcular Çarsısı No: 29, Midyat/Mardin

Phone: +90 537 964 30 08

Opening hours: 09:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Sahra Süryani Şarap Evi

Sahra Süryani Şarap Evi

Address: Akçakaya Mah. Kocamanoğlu Cad. No: 11/D, Midyat/Mardin

Phone: +90 531 221 99 09

Opening hours: 09:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Facebook: Sahra-Süryani-Şarabı

Instagram: sahrasuryanisarabi

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