Van Otlu Peynir: special herbed cheese type from the area of Lake Van

Van Otlu Peynir (Van herbed cheese) is a special type of cheese originating from the Lake of Van area. It is made from sheep’s milk with addition of herbs. About 25 different weeds can be used for production of this cheese. The main ones are: sirmo, mendi, heliz, wild mint and thyme.

Old Mardin’s goodies: the forgotten taste of the Great Silk road

Mardin is very old city which was founded several thousands years ago at the mountains of the Northern Mesopotamia. The development of the Great Silk road gave rise to this city. Under the walls of the Mardin fortess the caravans found shelter and took a rest before going to Amed (present Diyarbakır) or Edessa (now Şanlıurfa).

Cağ kebabı

Cağ kebabı is uniquely type of lamb kebab which originated from the Erzurum province. In point of fact, it is just kind of döner cooked on the horizontal roasting jack.