Old Mardin: listening strange and mysterious stories of this mystical city

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Sometimes it seems that time has stopped at the narrow streets of the old Mardin. When I am having a walk there I can take a stroll through history in my mind. It is hard just to imagine how many strange and mysterious stories are hidden at the corners of this . But Mardin doesn’t reveal his secrets to everyone.

This city knows a lot of interesting fairytales. Some of them are wonderful, some of them are spooky, some of them can not be understood if you don’t know some special things. In theory you should find a guide from locals. He (or she) doesn’t need to be certainly a professional tourist guide, just to know and feel his (or her) hometown.

There is another way. To follow it you should adjust your heart to beat in one rhythm with the heart of the city. It’s not easy for a first time but you should try. The best way for me is to seat at the bottom of the Mardin castle in evening and look at the city lights. Also I recommend you not to force events. Everything will happen in its time. And what should not happen will not happen.

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