Pearl Mullet or İnci Kefali: an unique fish which lives only in Van lake

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Pearl Mullet (İnci Kefali in Turkish, Latin Alburnus Tarichi) is an unique fish which can be found only in Lake Van and is endemic to it. This lake is the largest in Turkey and located in the far east of that country. Because of salty and carbonated waters another species of fish cannot live in Lake Van.

During May and June Pearl Mullet migrates from the lake to the rivers because for spawning this fish type needs fresh and less alkaline water. When crossing rapids fishes are flying through the air like salmon. The most important spawning grounds are located in the area of Erciş city which is located on the nothern coast of Lake Van.

Pearl Mullet or İnci Kefali

Cooked on a frying pan (“Tava”) or grilled (“İzgara”) Pearl Mullet is very tasty. Because of that it is popular in the local cuisine of the Van and Bitlis provinces. This fish is usually called just “Van Balığı” (“Van fish”) in the restaurant menu.

Pearl Mullet or İnci Kefali

  • “Taze Van Balığı İnci Kefali bulunur” – “We have fresh Van fish Pearl Mullet”
  • “Toptan ve Perakende Satış” – “Wholesale and Retail Sales”.

Where to eat Pearl Mullet

Martı Cafe & Restaurant

Address: İskele Mahallesi, Feribot Yolu, 65040 Van Merkez/Van

Opening hours: 08:00 AM – 11:59 PM

Tandırvan Balık Evi

Address: Şerefiye Mahallesi, İnkilap 1. Sk. No:6, 65140 İpekyolu/Van

Opening hours: 10:00 AM – 21:30 PM

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