Secret cafes in the old part of Mardin which is not easy to find

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There are a lot of very interesting but hidden places in the old part of Mardin which the guests of it can not even imagine. For example you can see many beautiful photos of this city in the Internet and in the tourist guide books. But even for locals sometimes it’s hard to find correct viewpoint to make similar camera shots.

Bizmar Kültür Cafe

Bizmar Kültür Cafe

This is an authentic and cozy cafe located almost in the in the heart of the old town. It has one of the best terraces among cafes and restaurants in Mardin along with a balcony facing the main street (Cumhuriyet Cd.). But it’s not easy to find Bizmar Kültür Cafe’s entrance even you have a point on the map in your smartphone and GPS.

How to find Bizmar Kültür Cafe

First you should find a “Şahmeran pansiyon” sign on the main street of the old town, then climb the stairs and turn left. There you will see a small sign with arrow pointing towards the entrance of Bizmar Kültür Cafe. If you are lucky you can get to the evening with live music.

Old Mardin's goodies: the forgotten taste of the Great Silk road

If you come to Bizmar Kültür Cafe you should try there Turkish coffee (Türk kahvesi) which is the most tasty in Mardin for my liking. It is usually served with local candied almond. If you want to drink some alcohol I recommend from their menu Assyrian house wine from Midyat. Also Bizmar Kültür Cafe is the best place to work with laptop in the old part of Mardin if you wish.

Address: 1. Cadde Erdoba otel karşısı, Şahmeran pansiyon yanı, Artuklu/Mardin

Opening hours: 09:00 AM – 00:30 AM

İzla Art Cafe (Süryani Kültür Merkezi)

İzla Art Cafe (Süryani Kültür Merkezi)

This very nice and cubby cafe belongs to one Assyrian family. Therefore it has original interior which differs from another properties in Mardin. But to find İzla Art Cafe is more difficult than Bizmar Cafe because it’s located on the small street that is going up to the bottom of the castle rock.

İzla Art Cafe (Süryani Kültür Merkezi)

Address: Bahçıvan Mahallesi Kültür Sk. 65130 Merkez, Artuklu/Mardin

Opening hours: ?

Leylan Cafe û Kitap

Leylan Cafe û Kitap

Leylan Cafe û Kitap is not just a cozy cafe. It’s also a book store where you can find some rare books about Mardin and historical places around it (of course, in Turkish). Also there is an open terrace with beautiful view. If this terrace is closed (for example, in winter) ask the staff to take you there.

Address: Cumhuriyet Cd. No:194, Merkez/Mardin

Opening hours: always open

Seyr-i Merdin Restaurant Cafe

Seyr-i Merdin Restaurant Cafe
A view of the old town from the terrace of Seyri Merdin Restaurant Cafe

This cafe is not very secret place and you can see its big sign from the road in the center of Mardin. But I think you should go to Seyr-i Merdin Restaurant Cafe just to make photos from the nice highly located terrace of it. Many popular photos of the old part of Mardin were made from this viewpoint.

Address: Teker Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Cd. No:249, 47100 Mardin Merkez/Mardin

Opening hours: 09:00 AM – 09:00 PM (on weekends and holydays 08:00 AM – 11:30 PM)


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