Shahmaran: mythological queen of snakes and symbol of Mardin

Shahmaran (Turkish “Şahmeran”) is a fabulous creature which is popular in the culture of many peoples in the Middle East. She is considered to be the queen of the serpents and the keeper of the wisdom. She is usually described as a being with a head of a beautiful and intelligent woman, a body of a dragon and a second serpent head at the tip of her tail.

Old Mardin’s goodies: the forgotten taste of the Great Silk road

Mardin is very old city which was founded several thousands years ago at the mountains of the Northern Mesopotamia. The development of the Great Silk road gave rise to this city. Under the walls of the Mardin fortess the caravans found shelter and took a rest before going to Amed (present Diyarbakır) or Edessa (now Şanlıurfa).

Little-known sights near Mardin that you can’t find in any tourist guide-book

Located located in the north-east of Turkey Mardin is known as an open-air museum because of its historical Arabic architecture. This city and its neighborhoods are mainly well described in the tourist guide books. But there are some interesting historical sights near Mardin which are little-known even among locals.